Event Info

August 6-8 2020


NAMFI is about all Military Aviation.  During the hours of 9 am to 5pm, this is a giant scale event.  Classic non-military aircraft (pre-1960) will be allowed but they must be giant scale with a wingspan of 80 inches or more for monoplanes or 60″ for biplanes, any turbine-powered military jets are allowed.  After 5 pm we welcome warbirds of all sizes so bring the park flyers for some morning and evening fun!

The event will start on Thursday at 9 am and run till Saturday at 5 pm. You are more than welcome to come early or stay late. There will be a pilot meeting at 9 am each day followed by open flying. We will have a food vendor on site for lunch as well as a club hosted dinner Friday night!

Spectators are welcome. We ask for a $10 per car donation at parking to help offset the costs of bringing this great event to the Owatonna area. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the sites of detailed scale models from times past.

  1. NAMFI is a pilot-friendly, non-competition event. Our goal is for everyone to have an enjoyable time. No pilot is more important than another. If we all keep this in mind the odds are in our favor that everyone will enjoy the event.
  2. NAMFI is an  AMA sanctioned event. This means to fly you must be an AMA member (MAAC is also accepted). During open flying, we will maintain a racetrack pattern with the direction being dictated by the winds.
  3. All pilots must be registered and wear their pilot badge. Pit crew will be allowed to assist without registering but they must be accompanied by the pilot when in the pits.
  4. Spotters are strongly encouraged. There will be many people at NAMFI and to help with pilot safety and communication we encourage you to grab a spotter when flying. Remember a good spotter will keep track of what other airplanes are doing and not focus on your airplane.
  5. 72mhz is allowed. There is a frequency board in place for the 72mhz flyers, however, there will be no impound. We will have a frequency sign up sheet for those using 72mhz to help with any channel conflicts. SMMAC will not be held responsible for any issues with using a radio on 72mhz. Please be sure to use the frequency board and watch for frequency conflicts.
  6. The flight line will be managed until 5 pm. After this, pilots can still fly but will need to manage the pattern by communicating with other pilots.
  7. Pets – It is best to leave Fluffy or Butch at home. However, if you must bring your pet it must be on a leash and monitored by a responsible person at all times. Nobody likes to listen to a pet that is left tied up and alone or step into a mess it made.

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